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Saturday, February 27, 2016

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The Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson

An interesting  read which will keep you spell bound even if it is a Romance. I loved the front, the ocean and the girl(I always wanted hair  like that).  There is some Christian  wording but how  much  the writer really shares a true faith in God  is left to be debated.

This story captivated the heart and takes you way to Price Edward Island.  Marie is running away from the past , trying to get away from memories that haunt her.  Prince Edward Island is just the place.  Nature  will heal her or so it seems until she meets some one she  never  wants to ever set eyes on.

Men are  more trouble then she can ever handle.  Not  all except an older one who enlists her  help in decorating an inn. While she struggles to find her place , she is shadowed  by a mysteries  man running from his  past.  why is he following her if it is plain he hates women.

Should she stay or go.  Can she help save the inn when money is running out?

“A charming inn in need of restoration, Prince Edward Island, and a love story? Yes, please! In The Red Door Inn, Liz Johnson crafts a story about new beginnings and fresh hope. I thoroughly enjoyed this first novel in her new series and the vicarious visit it offered me to the Canadian Maritime Province of Prince Edward Island. I could almost feel the sea breeze!”
– Becky Wade, author of the Porter Family series

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Revell Reads for letting me review this book!

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