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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Direct Hit

I love world war I an d II books  so this one was right up my alley. Also it reminded me of a Sherlock Homes book!  . The mystery begins with the discovery of a dead man in a van during the German blitz. Jago recognized the victim, a Mr. Charles Villiers, a magistrate and owner of a printing company. Mr. Villiers had cuts on his wrists, which was consistent with suicide. However, Jago found a stab would on Villiers chest and began treating the case as a murder. Before he could get the police doctor and photographer to the scene of the crime, a German bomb struck the van and obliterated all evidence. Later, Fred Cooper, the last person to see Villiers alive, is also found murdered!

Being a mystrery I can not disclouse more info but I am very thankful that Krengel let me review this fantastic read!
The author has obviously done his research well with a great attention to detail that brings both the characters and the environment alive.

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